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982, I found a scrap injection moulding machine at Rafiki Enterprises. This was a very old plunger machine. I purchased this and installed in a crude iron shed constructed outsi
de my home in Garden Estate.
1984, It took me two years to refurbish this machine, retrofitting with cannibalised parts from trucks and agricultural machinery. I began building moulds to run on this machine. I was then involved with the World Bank/UNDP sponsored "Afridev" project.

I was introduced to the chief engineer at the Kenya Breweries and started building moulds for parts for their bottling lines. Industrial Components Ltd was incorporated and Joe Githenji came on board as a Director with my brother Abdul Karim and myself.

We built about fifty odd moulds for the Breweries. This was quite a substantial investment, therefore Mr Goodall, the then director at the Kenya Breweries agreed to make us exclusive supplier for all plastics parts to the Kenya Breweries. (Please check this letter)